Mission and Ministry Network

The purpose of the Uniting Ministry and Missions Network (UMMN) is to provide an opportunity to learn from the diversity of Uniting Church agencies and parish missions.

Our gatherings are open to anyone those who wishes to learn from the intersection between the Uniting Church and its missions and agencies.

Our quarterly gatherings will expose you to the rich organisational and theological diversity of the Uniting Church in Australia.  As well as catching up quarterly online we have a physical gathering each April or May.

It is an adult learning environment where members of the group lead and offer reflections. Each member brings their own experience and knowledge into a discussion about contemporary topics.  This is a unique learning, reflection and leadership opportunity. The network seeks to:

  • discuss the way our organisations seek to shape mission and culture
  • engage representatives from across the agencies and missions
  • reflect on contemporary issues facing agencies and missions
  • provide peer support to those in similar roles.

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Text revised and simplified as a result of the convo at UMMN on 14th May 2020.