It is with sadness and disappointment that UMMN has received news that UnitingCare West has concluded the placement of Daniel Vilogen.  We understand that this has arisen as part of an organisational restructure.  We have spoken to Daniel who recommended that the UMMN event not continue in Perth at this point in time.

We have appreciated Daniel’s thoughtful insights into his community and the into the life of UnitingCare West.  Daniel has been an active and constructive participant in UMMN.
Daniel’s role concludes on Friday 3rd November.  We wish him well in his new journey.

The UMMN steering group (Bruce Moore and John Clarke) accepted an offer from Les Underwood and Peter McDonald to move the event to Adelaide on the same dates.  We will look to another opportunity to visit UnitingCare West in the future.

Venue changes – dates remain the same

  • Wed 7th March 2018
    Event opens with lunch
  • Fri 9th – 12 noon
    Book return flights from 1pm

Accommodation and Programme

Updates will be circulated via email and posted on the website when they come to hand.

Who Can Come?
The Uniting Ministry and Missions Network provides an opportunity for those involved in Uniting Church missions and agencies with particular responsibility for mission and culture, to connect, dialogue, engage and reflect on the policies and practices of the Uniting Church in its community services ministry with people.  So if this interests you then you are most welcome to join us.  Over the years we have had a diversity of people attend including volunteers, ministry students, clergy, mission and agency staff.


Since 2007 there has been an annual gathering of the Uniting Mission and Minister’s network. Our aim is to host those working in a mission or agency setting for sharing, learning and mutual support.  This gathering gives you a great opportunity to visit a variety of sites.  We hope you might join us.