Thu 14th May  2-3.30pm EST | Meeting ID: 846 2504 6672
Forming our leaders in the ethos of UC  (John Clarke)
Do we want more Zoom?  (Peter M)


Wed 13th May  2-3.30pm EST | Meeting ID: 845 4253 1119
Theme: COVID
Slot 1:  Pastoral care and support to chaplains and staff during the pandemic (Ji Zhang)
Slot 2: How do we measure mission in our programs (Mission Metrics) or Interpreting the regs re Parish Missions.  (Gavin Blakemore)


Tue 12th May 2020 2-3.30pm AEST
Welcome to UMMN 2020
Slot 1:  Welcome to UMMN online – our repurposed gathering.
Slot 2:  Uniting NSW – Statement of Mission Intent with Mission Principles, Spiritual Care and Formation with Doug Taylor, Craig Corby, Jean Shannon, Benita Power Hubbard and John Clarke.