Uniting Ministry and Missions Network

Introduction and History:

In response to the Basis of Union – The Uniting Church lives within a world-wide fellowship of Churches in which it will learn to sharpen its understanding of the will and purpose of God by contact with contemporary thought. Within that fellowship the Uniting Church also stands in relation to contemporary societies in ways which will help it to understand its own faith and mission (Basis of Union, par 11) – and in keeping with the Uniting Church’s Inaugural Statement to the Nation – We pledge ourselves to hope and work for a nation whose goals are not guided by self-interest alone, but by concern for the welfare of all persons everywhere — the family of the One God — the God made known in Jesus of Nazareth the One who gave His life for others – the missions and agencies of the Uniting Church are committed to responding to the needs of people in Australian communities, working together to make a difference and offer hope.

Following the merger of UnitingCare Australia and the Uniting Missions Network in 2008, the former National Ministers of Missions Group expanded to include Directors of Missions of UnitingCare agencies, and people in similar roles. This group, Uniting Ministry and Missions Network, now encompasses all agencies and missions of the Uniting Church in Australia.


Uniting Ministry and Missions Network provides an opportunity for those working in Uniting Church missions and agencies with particular responsibility for mission and culture, to connect, dialogue, engage and reflect on the policies and practices of the Uniting Church in its community services ministry with people.

The network will:

  • Engage representatives from agencies and missions in relevant conversations and meetings in order to build a shared understanding of current issues facing faith-based community service providers
  • Reflect on current issues facing agencies and missions, and seek to offer these reflections to the Uniting Church Assembly and Synods, UnitingCare Australia, and Synod UnitingCare agencies and Uniting Church missions to inform theological considerations and positions, and practical service outcomes
  • Provide peer support to people in similar roles through shared resources and learning opportunities
  • Seek endorsement from the UnitingCare Australia National Committee to become a UnitingCare Australia network


Uniting Ministry and Missions Network is open to those who work within a Uniting Church agency or mission, and who are responsible for the congruence between the culture and community in which missions and agencies are found; and the Uniting Church of which the agencies and missions are a part.

Initially, the network will be coordinated by a Convenor, who is also a member of the network.


Uniting Ministry and Missions Network will usually meet once annually, face-to-face; and as required via teleconference and email communications.

Members will also be informed of network events and issues via a regular email newsletter.