2016 Sydney 15-18th March


  1. Les Underwood (UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide)
  2. Peter McDonald (Uniting Communities)
  3. Lyn Burden (Wesley Mission Brisbane)
  4. Ruth Harbinson-Gresham (SA)
  5. Daniel Viljoen (UnitingCare West)
  6. Keith Hamilton (Parramatta Mission)
  7. Gavin Blakemore (Wesley Mission Victoria)
  8. John Clarke (Uniting AgeWell)
  9. Rick Morrell (UnitingCare NSW)
  10. David Withers (Lentara UC)
  11. Paul Turley (Spire Community / Clayton Wesley Congregations)
  12. Martin Cowling (UnitingCare Australia)
  13. Danielle Hemsworth-Smith (Parramatta Mission)

People with Whom We Connected

Ben Gilmour – Visit to  Paddington Mission led by Peter McDonald

Bill Cruise –  Visit to Exodus Foundation led by Peter McDonald

David Barrow Sydney Alliance  (see videos below)

John Clarke  – Paper: Church engagement part of the church

Geoff Flynn – Visit to Wollongong led by Les Underwood

Graham Long – Visit to Wayside Chapel led by Peter McDonald

Keith Garner – Wesley Mission

Keith Hamilton – Paper City churches around the world – Politics is Everything

Keith Suter –  www.churchfutures.com.au

Lyn Burden – Discussion paper and three background papers

Lin Hatfield-Dodds

Peter McDonald

Peter Worland – Web: Uniting


Language / Ecclesiology


Story from UK/theory –  What is Community Organising

Sydney Alliance ‘table talks’ 2016

Sydney Alliance Founding Assembly from 2011

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