2021 Mar Virtual

  • Timetable: Friday 5th March 2021
    3pm  AEST
    John Clarke and Peter McDonaldJoin Zoom Meeting | password is in the email sent to you


    • Visit Cairns – support time to be advised – 2 days when we can. next meeting make a call for Aug or Sep.  (Alice Springs?)
    • Virtual 90 min with need some input.  Peter to send out a form 6 weeks prior.
    • New to director of mission role so enjoy appreciate language deconstruct and construct
    • Appreciate collegiality
    • Avoid policy orientated toward being rather than doing
    • Agenda next time
    • NCLS
    • Chaplicancy Survey
    • Quarterly time
    • Upcoming Events
      • Assembly?
      • President Leaders Conference in May.






John Clarke
Peter McDonald
Keith Hamilton
Adrienne Inch
Gavin Blakemore
Peter Armstrong
Adam McIntosh
Adrian Nippress
Keith Hamilton
Craig Corby
Les Underwood
Linda Hanson
Lisa Stewart
Clare Brockett