UM&MN (Uniting Mission and Ministry Network) Meeting
Tuesday 28 -Thursday 30 May 2019
Hobart, Tasmania
Theme: Small & Big challenges/Giving Hope/Tiny & Terrific Tassy

Note the draft dates were Wednesday to Friday so check you have amended your calendar to the actual dates.

Organiser:  John Clarke

The Uniting Ministry and Missions Network provides an opportunity for those involved in Uniting Church agencies and missions with particular responsibility for mission and culture, to connect, dialogue and reflect on the policies and practices of the Uniting Church in its community services ministry with people.

What does the event look like?
Each gathering is a collegiate conversation which ranges across theology, sociology, ethics and organisational culture.  This is shaped by the particular location we are visiting as well as the contemporary ministry stories of participants.  Each timetable will contain the following;

  • Group sharing our local stories concerns and opportunities
  • Visits to host sites for discussion about contemporary ministry and mission issues
  • Discussing papers written by members.  Members of the group are invited to prepare short papers on topics prior to attending.  This means our agenda is strongly shaped by our contemporary issues.
  • Closing out discussion about what we have learnt and opportunities for improvement and change.

You can register at any time via the registration tab on this website.

Since 2007 there has been an annual gathering of the Uniting Mission and Minister’s network. Our 2018 gathering was in Adelaide and had 17 participants.  Our 2019 gathering is in Hobart.

The UMMN is not a formal council or committee of the Uniting church rather it is a reflective leadership experience which is shaped and owned by those who participate.