Welcome to the New Year

This period is both busy and a break for many of us.  In my down time I maintain a home orchard of 20 fruit trees in an average size back yard.  I have a personal goal of having home grown tomatoes on the table for Christmas.  In our climate this is a challenge as most home grown tomatoes arrive two weeks after Christmas.  To land this I grow an early variety (Apollo) and I monitor the soil temperate to get the plants in at the earliest I can.

So now you are back in front of the screen I have a favour to ask you as you are doing your planning.  If you are like me then you start the new year by doing a diary refresh for the new events of 2019.

I hope the UMMN gathering in May in on your list.  John Clarke and his team would love see your registration as it assists them with planning the event.  So if you have decided to attend please let us know by clicking the link below.


Even if you are not sure at this point in time… can you still let us know via the site.  If you change your mind you can just come back to the page submit and update your decision.

And one last thing.  if you want to spread the invitation to colleagues in ministry please do so  by inviting them to register for the news feed on the front page of the website.

Thanks all who have already registered. And welcome all to the new year.


Full details including accommodation and the current registration list are available at the link below